We are a small team of two people who are writing the content by themselves, without any content writers or sponsors. Our names are Daniel and Ran, and we both have worked for a long period of time in the proxy and web data industry. We gained a lot of experience in this field and have managed to understand how those products work and why they are so important. Therefore, we decided to start a website of our own to keep the fire going and educate others about proxies and web scraping.

You won’t see a lot of manual web scraping guides. But you will read honest and authentic reviews of the best residential proxies, the best web scrapers, and many dedicated web scrapers and other types of proxies. We are sure that our experience can help us guide you toward making smarter choices when thinking about what providers to choose for your projects.

If you want to speak with us about anything, or you need help with something related to proxies and web data collection, feel free to contact us via email or the form on our homepage.

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