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Looking for real residential IPs from Lag Vegas? Follow this detailed article that reviews the best solutions for your LV-related projects. If you want to learn what are residential proxies, click here.

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What are Las Vegas Residential Proxies

Those are residential proxies that come from Las Vegas. The providers route your traffic through real residential devices of people from Las Vegas, giving you the option to use an LV IP instead of your real one.

Different providers collect this kind of proxy in different ways, but what really matters is the result. We expect those proxies to be fast, stable, and safe to use (all requests going through the network of the provider).

Why Would I Need LV Residential IPs

There are a few use cases that could involve the need to use Las Vegas residential proxies, including the following: 

  • Access local content: If you need to access websites that provide exclusive services to Las Vegas residents, those proxies are for you. You can use this data for market research, competitor research, and more. 
  • Ad verification: You can use those proxies to make sure that your Las Vegas ads are displayed correctly and make sure that the ads are actually being served at your target locations. 
  • SEO: You can use residential proxies to track the rankings of your business in the LV SERP. By doing so, you can better analyze the localized results and see what kind of optimization you’ll need to improve your local rankings. 
  • Access online gambling: This is not the most popular use case, but some users might need LV residential proxies to be able to bet online at different online casinos and betting sites that are restricted in their real location. 

Of course, there are more use cases available and Las Vegas proxies are the perfect solution. 

The Best Las Vegas Residential Proxies of 2023

Now that we know what LV residential proxies can be used for, let’s move to the top 3 providers.

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1. Bright Data

Best Las Vegas residential proxies

Total rating: 9.5/10

Bright Data has a large pool of IPs from all over US, and specifically in Las Vegas. Its proxies are fast and ethically sourced, so you can be sure that this is a safe choice. The KYC process keeps the network safe for the company and for all users, so some use cases can be declined. 

Its LV residential IPs are slightly more expensive than the top competitors, but are totally worth the price. Of course, you can combine mobile proxies too once you have finished the KYC process. If you’ll encounter issues with your Las Vegas projects, Bright Data can and will solve them quickly through its award-winning customer support. 

Bright Data also offers a free proxy extension which you can use to toggle your proxies on and off. 

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2. IPRoyal

Rising Las Vegas star

Total rating: 9/10

IPRoyal offers more than 8.4K unique residential Las Vegas IPs, giving you the option to rotate those and avoid blocking. Its network has an impressive uptime of 99.9% (LV IPs specifically) and offers high speeds with a response time of less than 1s. 

In terms of pricing, IPRoyal is the cheaper solution, offering you dedicated Las Vegas IPs starting from $7/GB only! This is half the price of Bright Data. You’ll also enjoy some premium customer support available via chat.

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3. Oxylabs

The premium solution

Total rating: 8.5/10

Oxylabs is the premium solution, offering more than 11M IPs in total in the US. We don’t know the exact number of Las Vegas residential IPs, but we know for sure that it’s more than 5K after rotating LV IPs and counting them. 

Oxylabs uses reliable sources to get its IPs, therefore you can be sure that you are in good hands. Its support is very helpful and offers a 24/7 support via chat or email. Prices are quite high, similar to Bright Data, starting from $15/GB on the pay-as-you-go plan. 

The response speed is great and is usually below 0.8s (LV proxies).

Frequently Asked Questions

As explained above, these proxies are real-user IPs from residential devices (like a home computer) of Las Vegas residents. 

Using a Las Vegas proxy server can help you achieve better results with projects that are based on data from Las Vegas by providing you with more accurate scraping results, or a localized SERP.

No. Those free proxies that you find on the web (thousands of IPs) are coming from an unknown source that can monitor the requests you are sending through its network and can steal your data. Avoid using free Las Vegas proxies at any cost. 

Start by choosing a provider that supports your use case the best and that has all the criteria important to you. After that, simply get a list of the proxies and “feed” it to your tool or software. Please keep in mind that most reputable providers will ask you to go through a KYC process before giving you access to the residential network. Some providers may offer you datacenter IPs that come from Las Vegas too.

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