The Best Zillow Scrapers to Use in 2024

Scraping Zillow doesn’t have to be a nightmare and it can be done quite easily by using a dedicated Zillow scraper, without having to take care of proxy rotation or messy proxy lists and different 3rd-party CAPTCHA solving tools.

In this article, we are going to cover the best Zillow scrapers to use right now. 

Don’t have much time? The ultimate Zillow scraper is:

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What Is Zillow and Why It’s Difficult to Scrape

As you probably know, Zillow is one of the most popular online real estate platforms in the US,  reaching 1.958 billion USD in revenue in 2022. At Zillow, you can easily find properties all over the US that are available for rent, sale, and more, including highly accurate historical sales data, mortgage calculators, and other useful features and tools for the real estate industry.

Since Zillow is a valuable information resource for real estate companies, it deals with a lot of users visiting its website and of course, a high number of users that are trying to scrape the publicly available data on the website. Here are the main reasons why it might be difficult to scrape Zillow with an in-house web scraper:

  • Requests limitation – Websites like Zillow limit the number of requests that a user can send from the same IP for a given period of time. If you don’t have a rotating proxies service behind your back, you’ll probably get blocked.
  • CAPTCHAs – CAPTCHAs are probably the biggest nightmare of every web scraping operation. Websites like Zillow use CAPTCHAs to make sure that the requests are made by a human, and therefore a CAPTCHA solving tool is required or a rotation of the browser fingerprints.
  • Dynamic content – Some of the content on Zillow is dynamic, meaning that the content on a certain page can change based on different types of data, often based on the user behavior on the website. Dynamic content is considered difficult to scrape because there is still a JS code running in the background (rendering), which loads content. To be able to scrape dynamic content on Zillow, you’ll need some serious programming skills.

Even if you manage to bypass all those crazy challenges, it will be very difficult to scale your scraper to its max potential without using a dedicated Zillow scraper, which can take care of all the difficulties mentioned above and help you rocket launch your project 🚀.

It is important to say that Zillow isn’t fighting web scraping and even has its own API which is really good, but also very limited in the number of API calls you can make.

The Best Zillow Scrapers in 2024

All the tools that you’ll see here have been thoughtfully reviewed by us and the rankings in this list are based on the same criteria we used to review the best web scraping tools. The criteria we used:

  • Is it fully managed?
  • Programming languages support
  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • Built-in proxies
  • API integration
  • Customer support quality


Apify logo

1. Apify

Our choice for Zillow scraping

Total rating: 9.5/10

When it comes to Zillow scraping, Apify came on top. The main Apify Zillow actor has more than 790 users at this point and has been run 5.9K times. With this specific actor, you can easily extract all the data you need about properties from Zillow using the Zillow API while skipping the API calls limit.

Apify allows you to download the scraping results in the following formats: JSON, XLSX, CSV, HTML, and even as an RSS feed. If you’ll want to run their in-house proxies with the scraper, just use the following object value:

{ "useApifyProxy": true }

Apify’s main Zillow scraper comes with some really cool inputs which are easy to use and don’t require a lot of programming knowledge. Regarding the documentation, we don’t have any complaints as it is perfect and includes a changelog created by the owner of the scraper.

The results are perfect, with a success rate of 97% (when using residential proxies)  and you can take a look at the output here. You can even try the scraper for totally free, without even adding a credit card. If you’ll wish to continue using the Zillow scraper provided by Apify, you’ll have to pay about $0.25 for each 2K results.

Features – Apify

  • Free trial available
  • Perfect documentation
  • Fair pricing
  • You can see the popularity of the actor
  • Other Zillow scrapers are available
  • Actors are customizable

Disadvantages – Apify

  • Can be difficult for newbies
  • Proxies quality isn’t the highest

Bright Data logo

2. Bright Data

Best premium choice

Total rating: 9/10

If you have read our previous reviews, you know what we think of Bright Data. This is one of the best web scrapers available today, especially if you are looking for premium quality and professional customer support. Although Bright Data’s solution isn’t fully managed by them and requires “developing” the scraper from your end, you are still getting a bunch of cool features: an amazing preview to debug your code easily, pre-built functions (73+), built-in fingerprinting and proxies, CAPTCHA solving, and a lot more.

Their success rates with Zillow reach 99% and that doesn’t surprise us at all. Bright Data provides one of the best residential proxies that allow it to reach those insane success rates. They combine an advanced CAPTCHA solving feature in their scraping process too, which relies on another tool of theirs called the Web Unlocker.

Recently, they introduced their very own GUI scraping browser, which makes the scraping process even easier by managing all the unblocking for you and of course helping you avoid getting blocked from the beginning.

In terms of prices, they are still pricey, starting from $4 CPM for static content and reaching $8 CPM for dynamic content requests. As we stated in all the other articles, their support is surely one of the best in the industry and there is ZERO chance that you won’t get the help and attention that you need. Premium from A to Z.

Features – Bright Data

  • Best premium solution
  • Best CAPTCHA handling
  • Amazing residential proxies
  • Great customer support

Disadvantages – Bright Data

  • Expensive compared to most alternatives
  • No live support chat
  • No fully managed solution

Oxylabs logo

3. Oxylabs

Great real estate scraping results

Total rating: 8.5/10

In addition to offering a Zillow Scraper API that retrieves all the data you need, you’ll find on Oxylabs a bunch of other real estate scrapers too. It is important to say that all those dedicated scrapers are a part of the main real estate scraper.

Using Oxylabs for Zillow scraping is super easy, especially if you follow their documentation, which comes with some input code examples that make your life easier. The best thing is that Oxylabs support a wide range of languages, including PHP, Python, JSON, cURL, C#, Go, Java, and Node.js. This makes their scraper super friendly for most of the devs out there, which is a big advantage over the competition.

The platform itself is user-friendly and easy to navigate and their support team is doing a great job and is available 24/7, answering all kinds of questions you might have. Prices are a bit high (similar to Bright Data), but what can you expect from premium providers?

Features – Oxylabs

  • Wide range of input languages
  • Great 24/7 support via chat and email
  • High-quality documentation and Github
  • Great educational videos on YouTube
  • Great proxies
  • High success rates
  • Free trial available (5000 results)

Disadvantages – Oxylabs

  • Quite pricey
  • No dedicated account manager on plans below $999/mo

Zenrows logo

4. ZenRows

A new web scraping star

Total rating: 8.5/10

We came across ZenRows totally by mistake and were surprised to see how clear their website is and how good their web scraping services are. They have a dedicated, ready-to-use Zillow scraper, which you can try for free (up to 1000 API credits) and see if it fits your requirements. 

ZenRows is one of the best no-code solutions, letting you scrape millions of properties from all over the US. If you want more control over the scraper, you can use their language-agnostic API which enables you to use all the following languages: cURL, Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, Go, and even Ruby!

Their Zillow scraper has built-in anti-bot solutions such as a headless browser, rotating proxies, anti-CAPTCHA, and a JS challenge solver. We managed to scrape a list of properties from San Francisco CA. This is the JSON result we got, in less than 10 seconds.

It’s amazing how simple this Zillow scraper is. If this is not enough, check out their pricing which starts from $49/mo for 250,000 API calls! Keep in mind that if you want to use the anti-bot services or premium proxies, you’ll have to use anywhere from 5 to 25 credits per API call. All their plans come with a 99%+ uptime guarantee.

Features – ZenRows

  • A high number of concurrent requests (starting from 10)
  • Great no-code solution
  • Supports many programming languages
  • Great base prices
  • In-house proxies included
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages – ZenRows

  • Can get pricey if you use all anti-bot features
  • No live chat support for all plans 

Octoparse logo

5. Octoparse

The perfect no-code solution

Total rating: 8/10

Octoparse is a provider that often comes up on our top tool lists, and there is a good reason for that. They managed to develop a fully automated, no-code web scraping solution that works perfectly for Zillow too. You can scrape Zillow data from specific URLs without writing a single line of code with 3 simple steps, and if you want to scrape multiple pages you just need to create a pagination loop and that’s it, the scraper takes care of everything for you. 

You can download the scraped results in a CSV or Excel, as well as use an API to get the results straight into your app. There are some cool features like scheduling, IP rotation, and more. If you want to give it a try there is also a free trial that lets you export 10K data rows per export.

Prices are very affordable, starting from $89/mo, including extra features like CAPTCHA solving, auto export, API access, and much more. Their support team is very helpful, but you’ll only get priority support on the $249/mo plan. 

Features – Octoparse

  • No-code solution
  • 20 concurrent requests on the pro plan
  • Great support
  • More local concurrent requests
  • CAPTCHA solving
  • Good prices

Disadvantages – Octoparse

  • Lower success rate than the solutions above
  • Long download and install time
  • Proxies are of average quality
  • Scraping Zillow can be hard for first-timers
  • Need to download

Parsehub logo

6. Parsehub

Easy no-code scraper

Total rating: 8/10

Parsehub is the most direct competitor of Octoparse as both tools rely on downloadable software which allows you to scrape Zillow without code at all. Parsehub has great results in terms of performance but has a more intense learning curve, making it a bit more difficult. 

The idea here is the same: you select the data elements that you want to extract and Parsehub takes care of the rest. You can download the results in JSON, Excel, and API. Parsehub is much quicker to download and install Octoparse, making it a preferable choice if you are in a hurry. It has pretty much the same features as Octoparse, and in general, both providers are very similar.

The only thing that made us put Parsehub below Octoparse is their pricing. The cheapest plan (after the free) is $189/mo which is almost x4 higher than Octoparse. 

Features – Parsehub

  • No-code solution
  • Free plan available
  • IP rotation
  • Add pagination (perfect for Zillow)
  • Live chat available

Disadvantages – Parsehub

  • No 24/7 support 
  • More expensive than Octoparse
  • Need to download

Zillow Scraping Use Cases

Now that we know what is Zillow and what the best Zillow scrapers are, it’s time to shortly cover some of the most popular use cases for data scraped from Zillow. 

  • Real estate market analysis: By scraping Zillow, realtors, analysts, and investors can gain valuable insights on the current real estate trends in specific areas, conduct pricing research, find interesting new opportunities, and more. 
  • Property valuation: Scraping data from Zillow can help you create advanced property valuation models that’ll estimate the fair market price of different properties based on different factors such as property size, number of rooms, and more. 
  • Neighborhood analysis and comparison: You can use the Zillow data you collected to do an analysis and comparison of different neighborhoods in the same city. By doing that, you can learn how to identify trend patterns at specific neighborhoods and use that to your advantage. 


In this page, we’ve learned a bit about what is Zillow and why would someone want to scrape it, and of course, we covered the best Zillow scrapers available right now. Some of the solutions are fully managed and are without code, but those are usually more buggy and have higher failure rates. If you have a bit of experience with code, we would suggest choosing one of the top 4 providers we introduced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as the data you are scraping isn’t behind a login wall. Zillow doesn’t allow the scraping of its non-public data.

You can, but keep in mind that the number of results is limited and that Zillow doesn’t allow using its API to store the data locally. 

As you saw, most of the providers on our list provide a free trial or a free plan with limitations. If you are happy with the features you are getting on those free plans, you don’t have to upgrade to a paid plan. 

You don’t have to use proxies, but if you are planning on scraping many pages then you definitely should consider using proxies. Please note that the use of proxies might increase the total price of your scraping operation. 

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